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How to Create Blog Account- Full Tutorial

How to Create Blog Account-Full Tutorial, Hey guys are you enthusiastic about the blog? Here I give you the full Instructions to create blog account.

My name is Vivek Kumar and I am Blogger. The blog is a website where we share our knowledge, own opinion and experience in regular terms.

In old days some people write diary and log but know people writing blog and article so this called blog.

If you are a beginner and want to start your new blog than read this article we explain about, How to make a blogwhat is blogging? Where to start blog? earn money from Blogging? How to write a blog? How to create a free blog? So lets know.

Blogger and Blogging

What is Blogger?

A blogger is a person who make website and share knowledge, own thought to help other people through own article and for this they write article regularly, to updates people they always trying to find new things, they search all new topics to give knowledge to their audience so, it its called blogger.

What is Blogging?

To create blog account and write article in the  blog to maintain a blog is called Blogging.

Blogging is a method where we write any topic, we can share own opinion, own viewpoint to others and if you know something you can teach them through your  blog/article.

Know blogging can resources of knowledge and entertainment. Through blogging you can be famous and people know you. 

What is a Blog?

A blog is basically a log where Blogger post their article regularly and update. In a blog it shows recent content and show previous content.

You can start with and WordPress, but for beginners you can start with blogger. It is place where you can share your thought, your imagination, opinion to through articles with others. 

What is a Website?

A Website is a collection of related web pages that may contain text, images, audio and video. A website can consist of one page, or thousands of pages, depending on what the site owner is trying to accomplish.

To making a website you should have knowledge of a programming like Html, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

Structure Of The blog

A basic structure of blog where one side it shows Post List and another side it shows Sidebar, it content feature post and comment system from where readers can comment and give advice.

In a Blog there is subscribe box where readers can subscribe our blog through email address. In a blog every day, a new post/ article is published.

Benefits Of Making blog  

There are so many benefits of blogging one of the most popular being monetary benefits, there is no loss of doing blogging. 

  1. You should not have knowledge of programing and coding to make a blog it is very simple to make.
  2. Many personal bloggers find it is very exceptionally while others blog Specifically to earn income.
  3. You will be popular as a professional blogger, in less time you can share your knowledge through your article with more people.
  4. If you are the latter, there are several ways to earn an income from blogging for instance you earn income from Adsense, Affiliate marketing and Sponsorship etc.
  5. Its is not as easy as it seems but with a little guidance everyone has opportunity to earn a steady income from it.
  6. You can write blog in any language you know, there is no any interruption.You can start your blog with and it is absolutely free, but is paid version is also available.
  7. To starting carrier in blogging you should have patience write your blog regular it helps to maintain your blog.
  8. However the benefits of a blog is that you will not go any where, you can work from home.  

Make Free Blog Site

If you want to make your own free Blog and want to earn money from it, without any technical knowledge you can make blog,there are 7 blogging platforms from there you can start.

7 Free Blog platforms


Blogger was launched on 23 August 1999, the owner is google. Its absolutely free to start.

It give generally subdomain name is a It is also available for mobile devices like smartphone where you can post and edit article and also you can share link and photo through mobile.

Limitations of blog is that you should write blog descriptions up to 500 words, most important thing you can make 100 blog per account, there is no limit of posting article on blog you can post unlimited number of post on your


WordPress is the absolutely free for publishing content and an Article it is just like but it is very simple as comparison to

It has many Seo friendly, Business, SEO Ready, Mobile Ready and Portfolio Themes to customize your Blog/Website.

Squarespace is a website that provides service for website building and hosting. After login in the account, you can make awesome website like E-commerce and it has many wonderful templates.


Know a days is so popular to making awesome website, it has many amazing templates to customize.

It allows users to create Html website and mobile sites. You can create website, web, and website like Youtube.


This is an online scrapbook where you can post Text, Images, Videos & Gifs and Audio clips.

It’s social media site and it similarly to Facebook and Instagram where you can post images and videos and also posted links of the blogs.


This is a place where you can make E-commerce website. It allows all tools in one place to create your online store and website.It is very simple to make outstanding website through


It is place where many people come to publish their Blog on interesting topic on

You can post links of blog to make more audience and get more traffic on your website. On the other hand you can share your story, your brand and many more.

Create Free Blog

There are two platforms from where we make free blog for example and Both are are absolutely free it does not cost any money.

How to create free blog on is the product of where it allows to write post on a it and through Adsense we make make money.

To creating Blog on you should access the blog from a Gmail account.

Firstly open your computer and smartphone and search on google

Most important login with your Gmail account and password to make blog.

After login in left side it shows New Blog click on it.

In your browser a new pop-up window is open, where you have to put your new blog name.

How to Create Blog Account- Full Tutorial

Name the title of the Blog and Address it should be different and unique from others Blog name, then choose a templates for your blog and later you will customize and it give you sub-domain of, click on to create Blog, know your blog is ready.

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How to create free blog on

To making blog in is very easy as, but WordPress has many unique and amazing templates and plugin it give many tools to customize your blog or website and it is absolutely free.

Firstly open your computer and search on google and click on get started.

Create a account in through your Gmail account and password and check your email-id to verify it.

How to Create Blog Account- Full Tutorial

Secondly you you have to select theme its a design for your blog.

Your blog is ready on know you can write article and post.

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In this article I teach you about blogging, How to Create Blog Account– Full Tutorial, so I hope you understand the important of create blog account.

Making of blog make you self-independent you can make money from this.

If you have any problem regarding making of a blog, comment in the comment box we hopefully help you.

And please share this article with your friends and on social media platforms so that this article can help them also. 

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