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10 Proven Way to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2019

What sup guys, Are you fine? So today’s topic is how to drive traffic to your website.

Well, I think every new blogger have the same questions how to increase blog traffic. Basically, traffic on your website or blog can increase your sell, you can make money through monetizing Adsense account.

Making money is not simple from the blog if you not get more traffic to your website. In just simple words “Traffic means you can make money” from your website.

I suggest every new blogger should have patience in starting a career in this field. You can take 3-4 months to establish your blog, and writing good content.

So let’s know how you can drive traffic to your website.

10 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

There are many ways to get more traffic to your website. So today I tell you all free method to drive traffic to your website.

From this, you can increase domain name authority in just 3-4 months of your hard work and patience.

So know I am giving you the most trusted method from where you can increase traffic to your website.

Directory Submission

This is a great method to get more traffic to submitting your website link to Directory submission sites.

From this, you can create quality backlinks and you can develop a ranking of your websites.

It is important to submit your sites links and post links to directory submission sites because it has included a number of sites that have good domain authority.

It gives quality do-follow links to your website.

Directory Submission Types

Free link-(Free)
Featured Link( Paid)
Regular Link with Reciprocal (Free and give a code to submit in your site)

How you submit Site links

Website link (URL)
Blog Title
Description (1000 Words)
Meta Description (250-500 Words)
Email Id
Meta Keywords

Blog Directory Submission Sites List

Guest Post

Guest posting is a great method to increase traffic to your websites. Posting article on another blog can increase visitors and from this people can know you.

The benefits of doing a guest post on other blogs can improve your writing skills, make quality backlinks, social sites improvement, increasing domain authority, make website famous and trustful.

Always choose the best websites for a guest post that have great domain authority and have lots of visitors.

Websites that Accept Guest Post

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Commenting on other websites blog post is a great method to generate quality backlinks from other websites.

Points to be remembered always comment on the related websites means if you have a blog of travel then will comment on other travel blog post sites. Because it gives good quality dofollow links.

Never comment on vulgar or offensive sites because it shows the wrong impression of your site.

Benefits of commenting on other blog post give backlinks, increase traffic, your website show in the search engine and build good relationships between bloggers.

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On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On the page, seo is very important if you want to rank your post in your google. Every blogger wants to rank a website and their post to increase more traffic.

A good SEO friendly theme, mobile friendly and speed of the site is very compulsory for on page SEO.

Most important a good SEO friendly content is very important. Good content can increase traffic and more visitors to your website.

How you can do on page SEO of your blog post? To doing on page SEO you can install plugins called Yoast Seo.

It can give all the information about your blog article when you put focus keyword- for example- your article readability, Internal links, and external links, outbound links, subheading distribution, keyphrase length, Meta description etc.

On the page, SEO means not only putting keywords and doing internal or external links, but you should also select a specific niche and long tail keywords to get traffic to your site.

Social Bookmarking Site

Social Bookmarking site is an awesome way to drive traffic to your website.

Benefits of Bookmarking sites that they have lots of audiences that search different topics to related their choices and field.

Social bookmarking sites have large domain authority that gives you good quality do follow links to your websites.

Some of the social bookmarking sites where you can post your blog posts.

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Bookmarking site

Pinterest:- It is a social bookmarking site where you can share videos, images, and content.

Anybody can share knowledge, idea, content on this platform.

This site is known popular among content writer, blogger, and WordPress users.

It gives all the information and topics in just one place. You can post your article by creating boards and pins in this bookmarking site.

Tumblr:- Tumbler is the most unique way where you can post an article. It allows users to post videos, images, and content.

Here you can post an article and give the link of your blog post and from this users can visit your sites.

LinkedIn:- LinkedIn is the largest professional bookmarking sites where many professionals profiles are theirs according to their fields.

This is like a business platform where people can post job and requirement. You can find many professionals and expert according to their field like Seo experts, WordPress professionals etc.

It allows you to post multimedia and articles and through this, you can drive traffic to your website.

Reddit:- Reddit is a social bookmarking site where it allows you to post article, images, and videos. You can easily get traffic from this bookmarking the site.

Facebook:- Facebook is the largest community and have the largest audience all over the world. From this, you can drive traffic easily to your website.

You can make pages and groups on Facebook to get attach with your users because through Facebook in less time you can get visitors.

Add social Sharing Button

This is important of your blog, add some social sharing button in the top and bottom like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Whatsup etc. It can help you in more social sharing on different social platforms.


Use subheading, bullets, and number lists from these users can easily understand and scan the article.

Write a detailed and informative article that users can learn knowledgeable things from your blog.

keyword Research

If you want to Rank your post and articles then it is necessary to do keyword research.

There are many free and paid keyword research tool are available. The free keyword research tool is also good where you can find keywords competition.

Always work on low competition keywords that have large search volume in a month.

Some of the free keyword research tools are:-

Google Keyword Planner
Keyword Tool
Keyword Everywhere
Answer the Public

Start Email-Marketing

Email marketing is the method where you can promote your product, Website, and blog to generate traffic.

Email marketing is the way that you can attract users to come across to visit your website and blog. So it is called email marketing.

In starting to gain traffic to your website is difficult. So if you want to increase traffic to your site then you use email marketing.


Quora is the place where you can share knowledge and from this, you can interact with lots of people.

This is one of the finest ways to generate traffic on the blog post. Here you can find a lot of questions and answers on many topics.

Here people are sharing and posting millions of questions and answers. In Quora, you can find a lot of questions related to your blog post.

From this, you can generate good backlinks of your website.

Build a Community

The benefits of the building community are to build good relations between users and the audience.

To build a community you can join some meets up in your city, from this you can meet lots of pro blogger and beginner blogger.

From this, you can take suggestions and help in the growing of your website and blogs.

I think this is one of the relevant ways to connect and interact with people. You can also make community page on Facebook from this you can generate traffic of your website.


Know this article is about how you can drive traffic to your website. So, there is a top 10 proven way to get traffic to your website.

This some tips can help you in increasing your site’s traffic. I hope you like this article.

And most important never forget to share this article with your friends and others.

Because this article can help others to build traffic to websites.

In last thanks for keep supporting me.

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