Top 15 Way to Earn Money from Home Without Investment

Top 15 way to earn money from home without investment, hey, guys are you worried about your passive income, so don’t worried about it.

Today I tell you 15 efficient way to make money online at sitting at your home or while studying.

There are many ways to make money online but some are a scam so be careful about that, but in this article, I tell you genuine websites name that gives real money. So let’s know.

In today’s world internet is spread all over the world and every people have the internet, to know what is happening in the world?

The person who has knowledge of internet they have the opportunity to make money online with their skills, talents, knowledge.

The Internet gives you the freedom to show your talents online on any online platform. Through the internet, you can teach a lot of people through showing your talent.

If you have skills and talents of dance, singing, technology, blogging you can teach online, and you will make money online in little time.

Working 9-5 job is very hard for young generations, why not you will learn new skills to make money online, sitting at home or traveling.

Generate passive income online it gives you the freedom to make new things. You can buy your necessary things, you can help your parents in financial, your life will be better than others.


 earn money from home

Youtube is a great way to make an online income, for this you have to make an account on youtube with your Gmail account.

The things in which you have interest and knowledge you can make the video on that topic, then you can upload your videos on

Upload your video regularly, a few later months subscriber and views will increase. Then you can monetize your account with Adsense, know you can earn.

You can earn money from home while taking a sponsorship  and putting a link of Affiliate in the youtube channel description.

It can help you to increase your income. Because if someone clicking on your affiliate link and purchase things you will get a commission.


 earn money from home

There are many Blogging Platform to write your article but and are very good for all who want to make carrier in blogging.

For beginners you can start with it is easy to use, here you can post your article on different topics, you can make many categories and you can write an article on it.

Monetize your blog with google adsense it turns into profit you can make money from google ads.

Earn money by selling physical product on your blog, you can earn money by taking sponsorship. You will also earn money from Affiliate program.

3.Online Photo Selling

 earn money from home

Making money by selling photo is a very big thing, you can visit stock Photography website like Fotolia, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Shutterpoint and Istock and it takes your stock photo.

It gives 15 to 80 % royalty when your photo will sale but your photo will be in high quality. Whatever photo you want to upload, it must first be allowed through its website. Rule and Regulation are strict for this.

4.Make And Sell Apps

 earn money from home

Making Apps and selling become profitable business know a day. You can work as a freelancer to make money online by becoming an Android developer.

If you have knowledge of programming(coding) you can earn money while making Android and Ios Apps.

Making android app is good options to generate passive income. You can learn coding from the internet to make android apps. Finding new ideas to make apps is so difficult.

After making an app you can upload to related play stores like for Android store or Ios store. You can monetize your apps with Admob it generates your earning by showing ads on your apps.

5.Online English Teacher

 earn money from home

Online English teaching is a good option for making money online. If you speak English fluently then you can teach English online.

Some websites paid you an hour, for teaching English. But you can also teach online to creating an account on youtube. Fiverr gives you the facility to teach English online.

6.Online Data Entry

 earn money from home

You can earn money from home doing online data entry on online websites. Where they can be paid money an hourly and in some websites paid you weekly.

Be careful about some websites they are fake and when you complete their they do not pay you. The genuine websites that give real money are and

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 earn money from home

Fiverr is the best website in the world, where the seller can sell own service and the buyer can buy service according to own importance.

Here you can take 5 dollars to complete any client work. It depends on your skills in how much time you can complete their work.

You can charge an hourly for the project. Fiverr gives many categories that you can choose by your interest, knowledge, and skills.

8.Domain Buy and sell

 earn money from home

You can earn money while purchasing and selling Domain. You can buy a domain at registration price from related websites. And then you can sell domain after some months at a higher price.

You can research on different domain websites, so that you can guess related domains name. And together you can check collapse domain, expired names are included that domain name will come again in running.

There are some websites where you can visit and research on it.

9.Affiliate/ Reseller

If you have an interest in selling then there is a good option for you to be Affiliate/ Reseller.

Affiliate is the method where you sell anything by taking affiliate link from online E-commerce websites. Where you can put an Affiliate link to your blog and youtube. You will get a commission if somebody purchase product on this link.

To starting your Affiliate program by sitting at home visit eBay, Amazon and Flipkart website. Where they offer Affiliate system to sell their product on their Blog or websites.

10.Self Publish Book

If you have interest in writing and want to publish your book then you can use Amazon Free Kindle. It can publish your book directly.

And through this you can Publish your book on Kindle(Electronic) Bookstore and you earn a royalty when the book will sell.

If your published book will sell you will get 70% royalty. And if the book will sell in another country you will get 35% royalty.

11.Playing Game

You can also earn money while playing games, Everybody playing games all over the world.

Today playing games becoming as a carrier. You can do live streaming of game on youtube. From here you can earn money from donations, Monetize Adsense on your gaming channel.

Apart from this you can earn from sponsorship, selling gaming product with your Affiliate links.

Twitch is a Live Streaming platform for gaming you can also do live stream here. And earn money from home by sitting at home like youtube streaming.

12.Earn Money From Instagram

Hey, Are you on Instagram? And have large followers on your Instagram Profiles, then have you have great opportunity to earn money from Instagram, there are many ways to make money through online.

You can make money from taking Sponsorship Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Sell your pictures, Selling your own products.

Upwork is a website for a freelancer who works at sitting at home, here you can do many types of work according to your skills and knowledge.

To working on you will make an account on it, and make a good profile to take the first job from It provides Jobs like Data Entry, Android development, Photoshop and many more.

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14.Earn Money From Facebook Page

You will search many Facebook Page on Facebook, some are on Bollywood fan page and Cricket and many other related topics.

Facebook doesn’t allowed directly to earn money from the Facebook page, But there is an option to make money from the page is that you can share your website links. From their traffic of page will visit on your website where you can earn money from this idea.


It is the best idea to sell old things and get money from it. You can sell anything on The demanded product that sells on eBay is Mobile Phones, Camera, Bike and Laptop.

This is the best option to earn money from home without investment, sell different types of product on ebay can generate lots of passive income.


This article is about, top 15 Ways To earn money from home online that Can increase your passive income, there are 15 ways you can earn money.

I hope you like this article, if there are any questions regarding this article please comment in the comment box, we hopefully help you.

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