Top 10 Profitable Niche blog to Start in 2019

Top 10 Profitable Niche blog to Start in 2019

Top 10 Profitable Niche blog to Start in 2019, Hey, are you passionate about blogging and want to make money from this? Yes, absolutely everyone wants to make money from the blog but it’s not as easy as you think.

Before starting this there are blog inspirational quotes for everyone who want to start blogging as a career.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

“You don’t have to be big. You have to be remarkable.”

This quotes can help you to motivate and give passion in yourself to start a new blog and maintain regularity in your blogging career.

Motivation is the best factor that effects in your life to do something new. Ask yourself how can I change my life? For what I start blogging? What is the reason to start a blog and why?

This questions can motivate you to start blogging from the basis. If you are beginners in blogging then first learn basic things of blogging from Youtube and some blog tutorials.

Learn all basis thing of a blog, it can help you in the understanding of choosing the best niches to start a blog.

Before telling what is the best profitable niche blog to start, here we give you some amazing information that can help you in the blogging career.

Find a Niche Blog

Finding a niche blog is the biggest problem of beginners who starting a new blog.

So you’re starting a blog and everyone is telling you to choose your niche…but how?

In this article, you can know about an amazing (and easy!) way for choosing the perfect niche for your online presence!

Tips for finding Blog Writing Topics

  1. Choose profitable niches that have low competition, before starting writing article on topic search keyword on google keyword planner or on other keyword tools.
  2. Don’t choose a boring topic and that have high competition. Always choose profitable niches that you can do with fun.
  3. Pick a topic that you have a passion for it and work on that to make happen.
  4. Never go with high competition topic, it can take a long time to rank your article on google.
  5. 5..Before starting blog do market research, which topic is better to start with low competition.
  6. Always remember your niche is profitable.

How to Make Your Own Blog?

10 tips Make Your Own Blog

  1. Choose a name and purchase a domain for a blog that is perfectly according to your blog and that have low competition and it is searchable. You can buy a domain name from different websites that provide a domain name.
  2. Find a hosting provider on the internet that has good value in the market. I suggest you never buy hosting for years. you can take for 1-2 months because in starting it should be considered good. You can buy a domain as your plan when users are Visiting on your blog or website in a large amount.
  3. Select a blogging platform whether it is blogger or WordPress. In my point of view the person who is a beginner in this field they go with and those are pro-blogger they can start with WordPress.
  4. Select a theme and customize it as a pro-blogger, remember one thing always choose an SEO friendly theme for the blog then design in a better way.
  5. Find a niche that you like and start writing an article on the topics.
  6. Create some important pages like-( About us, Contact Us, Disclaimer and Privacy policy).
  7. Learn how to write a detailed and SEO friendly article to rank on google first page.
  8. Most important maintain regularity and start writing an article every day.
  9. Always use free images and photos for your blog because Google wants free copyrighted images. You can use snipping tool and Adobe Photoshop to make own images.
  10. Know to publish your article and promote on social media to get traffic and for starting earning from the blog.

5 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

  1. Post your article regularly on the blog because it helps to make a great bonding with you and users. I think regularity any work is key to success.
  2. Whenever you writing an article you should have a specific point of view on topics and your article should be a focus on a specific area.
  3. Don’t write boring things in your article, always give them a unique article that is valuable for the users.
  4. Share your article on social media sites and make a page and groups on Facebook to interact people easily with you, to get traffic from social sites also.
  5. To promoting your blog and article, make a brand name of your blog on different social sites that have the option to write the article. For example, some sites are- Linkedin, Tumblr, and Reddit etc.

6 keyword Research Tool 

Whenever we go to write blog or content, we don’t know on which topic I write the article, so today I’m giving you information about 6 amazing tools to research blogs topics.

Through this tools, we can know on which topics we can write an article or not. As considering one more time Niche blog is always important for specific topics and category to write an article.

  1. Buzzsumo:- Here you can search keyword on that topic which is searchable in large, it gives all information of niches of that is shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. It shows how many backlinks of these topics are shared on social media.
  2. Google Trends:- This is an adorable tool for searching trending topics for your blog or website. You can type a keyword in the search box for knowing topics that are trends in the country, states etc.
  3. Google Keyword Planner:- This tool is absolutely free for searching keyword for any topic. Through this, you can know about the keyword of their monthly search and their competition.
  4. Search Engine:- This is not a tool but is show all data when you search any topic on the search engine. When you search something on the internet it gives all information related to that topic.
  5. Ubersuggest:- This tool is just like a search engine where it shows all list when you type keyword in the search box. It shows that keyword is compatible or not and its ranking.
  6. Quora:- This is an amazing website for getting and sharing knowledge. Here you can find thousands of questions and answers related to your niche topics. In Quora, you can post your blog article and their links to increase traffic.

Niche Strategy Advantage

I think this is the most important questions for every beginner blogger why niche blog is important? A niche blog on a specific topic can help your blog to grow easily. Whenever you start new blog research completely on that topic that you will go to start.

Don’t copy other topics that have already high competition in the market. I see many of new blogger starting a blog on tech, gadgets that have large competition.

Never start a blog on the topics which have high competition in the market. Because on that topics there are many articles are written.

Choose a specific niche, which you have interest and begin writing a writing on the topics, however bear in mind one factor foremost analysis on topics that have low competition in the market.

Always make a goal and start writing article regularly, after a few months you will see users are visiting on your blog.

10 Profitable Niche blog to Start in 2019

Hey, you want to start a blog and you don’t get topic and good niches to start. Here we research on 10 amazing and profitable topics that are searchable in huge amount. This micro niche blog ideas can give more traffic to your website to make money easily from niche blog ideas.

A suitable profitable niche blog can give good traffic and good money both. So let’s start to know about the 10 Profitable Niche blog to start in 2019.


Marathon is long distance running event where people participate to run. You can start blogging on the marathon because it’s a profitable niche and it has low competition in the market.

There are many related topics to the marathon where you can write an article on it. You can give tips of running, about marathon nutrition, advantage, and disadvantages of marathon, marathon accessories and shoes.

You can earn money from this niche in three ways- for instance, from Google Adsense, Sponsorship and from affiliate marketing through selling marathon accessories like shoes, t-shirt and watch etc.

How to Start a Blog

If you have an interest in blogging and you have a lot of knowledge about it then you can start your blog on this topic.

This is a good niche to start a blog, but there is a little competition in this niche. To start a blog you can learn all the basics of blogging then you can start.

In this niche there are much variety of topics like how to start a blog, blogging for beginners. And how to make money blogging, how to create a blog account etc.

In this niche, you should write any topic with detailed and give valuable information to the users that can learn about blogging.

Choose a perfect name for a blog that is related to your niche blog, and searchable and SEO friendly to rank in google easily.

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The drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is used for security and personal use. We can use drones for taking photos and making videos.

There are two types of drones a simple drones and advanced drones. Simple drones that can use for daily basics like for taking photograph or videos, it can know to use in agriculture, for the safety of home.

An advanced drone are use for the safety of the country. Know drone is very useful equipment in every field like in police or hospital.

This niche blog is profitable to start but there is competition in this niche. First, your research and gain knowledge about the niche blog you want to start.

There are many kinds of topics in this niche that you can teach and tell them through your blog. You can search on the internet on these topics and you will see many related topics are there.

Few examples of drones topics

Drones camera
drones for sale
Remote control drone
Drone price
Drone helicopter
Best quadcopter
Drone Technology
Drone with HD camera
Professional Drone
Flying Drone
Aerial Drone
Best drone to buy
Cheap drone with a camera
Mini drone with Camera
Small Drone and Flying Drone

Fitness and Health

niche blog

Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. If you are a fitness trainer or doctor then you will absolutely know about it. Then you can start your fitness and health blog. And start writing an article on fitness and health on your blog and share it with the audience.

You can write an article about how to being healthy, healthy diet tips, health habits, balanced diet, how to stay fit and healthy.

This is also a profitable niche to start a blog to make money easily. You can earn money from Adsense and through affiliate marketing to selling health product, medicine and fitness accessories.

Some of the fitness accessories you can sell through affiliate marketing are- Exercise bands, Mats, Skipping Ropes, Glove, Medicine balls, Collar, Fitness Planners, Exercise ball chair etc.

You can earn money by taking sponsorship. You can also sell health product through your affiliate marketing like- Cold remedies: Cepacol, Diabetic multivitamins, Peak flow meters, Adhesive bandages, Toothpaste, Sunscreen, Lip balms, Acne products Vitamins, and Supplements.

In this niche, there are many categories to take a specific sub-niches like about eye care, Weight Loss, healthy food, back pains, Tips for healthy sleep etc.

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niche blog

Are you cat lover then you can start with this niche. I think this niche is very profitable to make money easily. There are many related topics are in this niche that you can find on the internet.

you can write an article about on cats on different topics like- cats breeds, Food and treats, Litter and waste disposal, Toys, Flea and Tick, Dental care and wellness and Beds & furniture.

You can earn money in this through Adsense and from affiliate marketing to selling cats accessories and products.

Hey, you like a cat then comment below and tell me what is your cat name and start a blog on this niche, and you will definitely get success.

Personality Development

niche blog

Personality development can improve your living style and think. A Personality is formed not only with physical properties but also with thoughts and behavior. Which also determines our behavior and our adjustment in society.

Nobody is born with a good personality, but one has to develop qualities within himself to succeed. Such qualities that affect others, as well as develop own self.

To be physically beautiful or intelligent, there is only one aspect of personality, but it is necessary for a good personality to use the right knowledge and to make your gestures and posture consistent.

To develop personality development you can read some book about personality development like Psychology and Philosophy through this you can know about the people thinking and their behavior.

You can develop personality development through learning the English language because it gives confidence when you speak in front of people.

In this niche, you can write an article about how to develop a personality, Personality development tips, books of personality development, soft skills, tips for impressive public speaking, body language tips, tips to develop self-confidence, gentleman tips to impress anyone etc.

This niche is very profitable you can start writing the article on different topics of personality development. The sub-niche of Personality development is- Leadership development, Self-improvement, Spirituality, career development etc.

Tiny Homes

niche blog

A tiny home is becoming so popular in the market, it is a small home that architecture design and made in small space in a beautiful way.

You can start writing an article on this niche because the market of the tiny home is becoming large all over the world. And people are searching for it in large amount.

There are many topics related to tiny homes, like- tiny home for sale, small home, tiny house plans, micro house, tiny house design, tiny house on wheels.

This is a profitable niche to start a blog. You can research this on the internet and gain knowledge.


niche blog

Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting to taking care of the child. Some time ago people are thinking that parenting is natural but know people are searching on the internet about parenting.

Providing a child stable home environment, be an active part in a child’s life and be a positive role model is the most important part of parenting.

In this niche, you can write an article about the parenting tips, best parenting books, parenting tips for infants, understanding your child personality and love language of children etc.

You can earn money from Adsense and through affiliate marketing products like- Nursing pillow, Educational baby toys, soft baby blanket, pine baby diapers etc.


niche blog

Everyone like gifts and I also like a gift to take, but whenever we wanted to give a gift to some, we didn’t recognize which gift is good for them. So, know there is an option for you to start the blog on gifts.

There are many ideas, options and category in this niche to start a wonderful blog to make money in an easy way.

Some of the ideas to write an article on this niche blog are- anniversary gifts, gift ideas for women, wedding gift ideas, gifts for girlfriend, Christmas presents, a perfect gift for your mom, VALENTINES GIFTS and how to wrap a gift.

In this niche you can make a lot of money through affiliate marketing product like- hand made jewelry, pedicure, perfumes, bracelets etc. You can search for more gifts products on the internet and some e-commerce website.


niche blog

I think this is an amazing niche to start a blog, no one can tell you about this niche. It is the most profitable niche I ever search on the internet.

Know some of Youtuber and Blogger taking an interview of some successful people. And they write about the journey of his struggle and achievements in own blog.

If you want to start your blog on this niche, I suggest that you create your account on youtube and start taking an interview of success people like Youtuber, Blogger, Businessman, Entrepreneur etc.

The benefits of taking interview of successful people can interact with the audience and people can recognize you in less time.


This article is about, Top 10 Profitable Niche blog to Start in 2019. In this article, I tell about the 10 most profitable niche blog in detailed.

The top 10 niche blog in this article is- Marathon, How to start a blog, Drones, Fitness and health, cats, Personality development, Tiny Homes, Parenting, Gifts, and Interview.

I hope you like this article, please share with your social media friends and other. If you share this your friends will also know about it, and I think they can start a blog on some specific topics.

If you have any questions regarding this article please comment below. And comment which niche you like and in future on which niche you can start your blog.

And most important thanks to all to keep supporting me.

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