top ten social security tips

Top 10 Advanced Social Security Tips

Top 10 Advanced social security tips, If you are using social sites more than needed. Then be careful, sometimes using social media sites are risky for the users.

If you want know know about SSA ( Social Security Administration) and social security or social security Benefits then read this article.

Today’s in world Social Networking sites are part of our daily life. Through social social media and Apps you can send messages to others in less time.

Some popular social media Apps are Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, through this you can do video calling, live on social media and you can post pictures, video and text. 

People are using social media sites and Apps for making new friends whether they know or not.

Sometimes they make friends unknowns person that they can be hacker, can steal your privacy and hack your profiles. So careful to making unknowns friends on social media sites.

And never share your Personal photos and videos with unknown’s person.

Social Security Tips

Don’t Show Personal Information

Top 10 Advanced Social  Security Tips

When you are working on social media sites be sensible on that time when you share Personal Identification related information and Sharing photos.

Never shows your House Address and phone number on Public profiles.

Remember the information that you post is always available on the social networking sites.

Don’t click On Unknown’s Source

Top 10 Advanced Social  Security Tips

Never download Files and links form Unknowns source. If you really think that your friends sending you video clips so before clicking on this link ask to your friends.

Most important Users should avoid especially on clicking Unknowns source links.

Never criticize people

Top 10 Advanced Social  Security Tips

Through Websites and Online chat form never Criticize others and don’t post stupid things and Painful comments.

Install Security Software

Make sure on your computer internet security software is install and update.

Best software for computer security Avast, AVG and Bitdefender Antivirus.

Careful when Making Unknown’s Friends

Most important careful when you are making unknown’s friends on social media sites.

To testing this type of person, information that given in their profiles check it on the other online platforms like Facebook or Linkidin.

Don’t Believe on Strangers

If any of your friends wants helps online from posting personal message photos then immediately not give answer.

In the reference Message be careful and think that can my friends post this type of message. 

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Keep Privacy Setting

Make sure that the privacy setting of your social networking sites information only you can know. 

Use Different Password

Always use different password for different social media sites and Apps and make strong password that no one hack your social media accounts.

Make Questions and Answers make questions and answers to open your social media account.

Link your phone and email-id to get verification code on your phone number or email.

This is to say it inform you when unknown’s person trying to login in your account.

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Never Use Third party Apps

Never use third party Apps For increasing your likes on social media sites and Apps. However these are stealing your personal information and privacy. 


In this article I give you information about, Top 10 Advanced Social Security Tips.

 Moreover read this article to know more about Social Security. Most important care your privacy on social media and use social media sites safely.

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